Article 239A Creation of local Legislatures or Council of Ministers for UT

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Article 239A: 1Creation of local Legislatures or Council of Ministers or both for certain Union territories

(1) Parliament may by law create 2for the Union territory of 3Puducherry—
(a) a body, whether elected or partly nominated and partly elected, to function as a Legislature for the Union territory, or
(b) a Council of Ministers,
or both with such constitution, powers and functions, in each case, as may be specified in the law.

(2) Any such law as is referred to in clause (1) shall not be deemed to be an amendment of this Constitution for the purposes of article 368 notwithstanding that it contains any provision which amends or has the effect of amending this Constitution.

  1. Inserted by the Constitution (Fourteenth Amendment) Act, 1962, s. 4 (w.e.f. 28-12-1962).
  2. Substituted by the Goa, Daman and Diu Reorganisation Act, 1987 (18 of 1987) s. 63, for “ for any of the Union territories of Goa, Daman and Diu and Pondicherry” (w.e.f. 30-5-1987).
  3. Substituted by the Pondicherry (Alteration of Name) Act, 2006 (44 of 2006), s. 4, for “Pondicherry” (w.e.f. 1-10-2006).

-Text in Constitution

Article 239A of the Indian constitution

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