Article 212 of Indian Constitution: Courts Not To Inquire Into Proceedings

Part 6 of the Indian Constitution dedicated to State Government, In this part, Chapter-III contains a provision about The State Legislature. In this chapter Article 208 to Article 212 is grouped for defining the general procedure of legislation. Where article 212 provisions about courts not to inquire into proceedings of the legislature.

Article 212: Courts Not To Inquire Into Proceedings of The Legislature

212(1): The validity of any proceedings in the Legislature of a State shall not be called in question on the ground of any alleged irregularity of procedure.

212(2): No officer or member of the Legislature of a State in whom powers are vested by or under this Constitution for regulating procedure or the conduct of business, or for maintaining order, in the Legislature shall be subject to the jurisdiction of any court in respect of the exercise by him of those powers.

-Text in Constitution

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