Indian Councils Act 1892

Features of the Act of 1892

  1. It increased the number of additional (non-official) members in the Central and provincial legislative councils but maintained the official majority in them.
  2. It increased the functions of legislative councils and gave them the power of discussing the budget and addressing questions to the executive.
  3. It provided for the nomination of some non-official members of the
    • (a) Central Legislative Council by the viceroy on the recommendation of the provincial legislative councils and the Bengal Chamber of Commerce, and
    • (b) that of the Provincial legislative councils by the Governors on the recommendation of the district boards, municipalities, universities, trade associations, zamindars, and chambers.

‘The act made a limited and indirect provision for the use of election in filling up some of the non-official seats both in the Central and provincial legislative councils. The word “election” was, however, not used in the act. The process was described as a nomination made on the recommendation of certain bodies.’

When system of Budget introduces in British India?

In 1860

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