Difference Between Parliamentary System And Presidential System

Parliamentary systemPresidential System
1. Dual Executive
2. Majority Party Rule
3. Collective Responsibility
4. Political Homogeneity
5. Double Membership
6. Leadership of Prime Minister
7. Dissolution of Lower House
8. Fusion of Power
1. Single Executive
2. President and legislators elected separately for a fixed term
3. Non- Responsibility
4. Political homogeneity may not exist
5. Domination of president
6. No dissolution of Lower House
7. Separation of Powers
1. Haemony Between Legislature and executive
2. Responsible Government
3. Prevents Despotism
4. Wide representation
1. Conflict Between Legislature and Executive.
2. Non- responsible government
3. May lead to autocracy
4. Narrow representation
1. Unstable government
2. No continuity of Policies
3. against separation of powers
4. Government by amateurs
1. Stable government
2. Definiteness in policies
3. Based on separation of power
4. Government by experts

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