Article 208 of The Indian Constitution Rules of Procedure

Part 6 of the Indian Constitution dedicated to State Government, In this part Chapter-III contains provision about The State Legislature. In this chapter Article 208 to Article 212 is grouped for defining the general procedure of legislation.

Part 6 -> Chapter III -> General Procedure -> Article 208 to Article 212

Article 208: Rules of procedure

(1) A House of the Legislature of a State may make rules for regulating, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, its procedure* and the conduct of its business. [ The brackets and words “(including the quorum to constitute a meeting of the House)” inserted by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment) Act, 1976,(date yet to be notified).]

(2) Until rules are made under clause (1), the rules of procedure and standing orders in force immediately before the commencement of this Constitution with respect to the Legislature for the corresponding Province shall have effect in relation to the Legislature of the State subject to such modifications and adaptations as may be made therein by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, or the Chairman of the Legislative Council, as the case may be.

(3) In a State having a Legislative Council the Governor, after consultation with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and the Chairman of the Legislative Council, may make rules as to the procedure with respect to communications between the two Houses.

-Text in Constitution

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